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    XLC Series

    Control valves

    Hydraulically operated valve by means of the pressurized fluid in the pipeline

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    Anti-surge tanks

    Contain the devastating effects of water hammer by CSA's surge tanks

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    SCF Series

    Sewage air valve

    Aeration is crucial to protect the installation against vacuum pressure

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Rensberg supplies very robust knife gate valves suitable for heavy duty applications. These knife gate valves are extremely suitable for sludge & mining applications.

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Check our line of spring loaded swing check valves suitable for waste water. Combined with CSA air valves, the ideal protection against pressure surges.

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Potable water

Being an Italian manufacturer, CSA srl supplies high quality air valves and control valves. These valves are certified  for use on potable water by DVGW, GOST,...

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Let us help you to avoid water hammer

Spring loaded swing check valves, surge tanks & custom made air valves can be used to avoid water hammer. Our extensive partnership with Italian manufacturer CSA srl allows us to predict potential water hammer problems by use of special air valve sizing software.        


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Commissioning of a new dynamic testing facility

In October 2013, CSA put in use a brand new expansion to their production facility. This expansion incorporates a large dynamic testing facility. The structure will enable a real-time simulation of pressure surges and valve performance.

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Continuous development of new products

By use of the latest  finite element analysis and flow simulation software, CSA is able to develop new products that excel in reliability. All designs are in accordance to European norm UNI EN 1074.

Specialized valves

Spring loaded swing check valves

Rensberg has developed its own line of spring loaded swing check valves for waste water applications       

Knife gate valves

Due to special flush corners in the valve lower body, Rensberg knife gate valves excel in reliability               

Wastewater Air valve SCF-AS

The SCF-AS air valve contains a special anti-shock kit that will help prevent pressure surges.